Cultural Dance Productions a Non-Profit Cultural Dance Group growing to meet the changing needs of
a dancing community and energetic citizenry. 
Cultural Dance Productions is a Mexican Folkloric Group that has long enriched and exposed
the beauty of culture to our city. CDP has entertained in various cities throughout the State
of Colorado which includes: DU-Festival of Nations, Lakeside Amusement Park-Family Day,
Carnival Cruise/Disney World,  The William Cope Boys & Girls Club of Denver, The Denver Nuggets half-time
Entertainment, 2nd Wind Fund, Colorado State Fair Pueblo, CO-Fiesta Days, Civic Center-Cinco in the Park, 
Parade of Lights, CW2 Cultural Parade, Channel 2 Morning Show, City of Thornton Hispanic Heritage Month,
Chey, Wyom Motorcycle Festival, Cheyenne,WY. Frontier Days and much more..
    With much pride CDP strives to instill the Importance of Education First and strongly encourages
a drug & gang free lifestyle.  Our energetic dancers range from 2 years of age to young adults and
we consist of 40+ students.  We do not charge a monthly fee for any dancer to learn the art of dance.
Practice space, costumes, and travel are very costly therefore Cultural Dance Productions relies 
solely on donations and fundraising to support the group.Many long hours are volunteered by the Director,
Instructors, leadership and parents ,so the youth in our city will
have a chance to be all that they can be, regardless of  their diverse circumstances if any.  
It is communities, business and people like you that help us to make a difference.
‚Äč"Educating & Cultivating A Respect for the Art of Dance"